ALL facebook games seem to have the same issue: people whining and crying because they think someone is cheating or they don't like the way something works. If it's an issue with a game (such as a bug), then let the game developers know about it. But for all that is holy, PLEASE stop yelling and threatening, you look like a fool when you do! I know how frustrating things are sometimes, but they are just games, and FREE games at that!


SERIOUSLY : how can anyone condone behavior like this? Is this how we want our kids to grow up, not realizing that they have to learn to accept the slightly unfair and the grossly unfair sometimes?

It's no wonder kids are such brats these days, look at their role models!Edit

P.S. If you don't like what I have to say then YOU are most likely part of the problem. Please fee free to block me from your friends list. Thank you.

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