This page will be reworked and organized as I have time.

These are my notes for getting levels quickly. I was trying to get to level 120 so I could purchase the expanded kitchen. I made 19 levels and over 60 million coins in less than a week. It was easy, but it was time consuming.

  • Most important thing is WHAT you are cooking. You want stuff that gives you the most points ... like the carrot and celery with garlic dip ... that's like 29 xp. I have been buying ALL the garlic & celery I can find (carrots are always easy to find or grow as they only take 10 minutes). I check ALL the time to see if more has been put up for sale. I make that until I run out of stuff, then I switch to Special American Hotdogs, buying what I need. Now mind you, these are fast cookers which I wanted cause I wanted the points fast.
  • Don't be afraid to buy what you need from neighbors. You get xp for buying and selling so you lose nothing but a bit of cash, which you will make back when you sell the stuff.
  • The BIGGEST trick is to GET NEIGHBORS. I've never been a neighbor person, but have always accepted anyone that asks. With the boathouse people were coming out of the woodwork so now I have about 260 GR neighbors. It helps a LOT. Everything I put up for sale gets bought by someone so the money just keeps flying in.
  • Buy buy buy! You will make up the money when you SELL the stuff. I put a big batch of each to serve, but I sell most everything. I've been making around 10 million plus a DAY lately. If my hotdog stuff is gone I make Summer Pudding. Those are all 5 minute and 10 minute things and it goes a lot faster than you would think

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